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A conservatory can serve as a beautiful and useful addition to your property. Whether you want to enhance your indoor space or want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, our stylish range will fit the bill. At Guys Window Supplies Ltd, we have a great collection of conservatories that will add an elegant look to your property. Contact us for bespoke conservatories today.

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  • Double glazed units

  • High insulating glass roofs

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Get the perfect match to suit your needs

Guys Window Supplies Ltd, Leighton Buzzard, can supply to your exact specifications. Our bespoke conservatories can be customised to your personal requirements.

We are now offering a fabulous product in our new line Guardian solid roofs. As wonderful as a conservatory can be, because of the glass construction of the roof, they can only be fully utilised for part of the year. Guardian roofs change that, with a lightweight solid roof, not only do they look great, but they keep the temperature even throughout the year, essentially turning your conservatory into an extension or garden room. These roofs can be fitted to any new conservatory or can be retro-fitted to an existing one. Take advantage of this great product and give yourself extra space all year round with a Guardian solid roof.

Guardian conservatory roofs

Brown conservatory Conservatory

Why not retro-fit one of our great Guardian solid roofs to your conservatory and get that extra space all year round?  Call for more details on:

01525 237 585